Arn Vanhoutte

student developer nerd

Occasionally I try to write a thing or two down. Most of the time it's a tutorial about something I got stuck on during a specific problem. That way I hope you won't be facing the same problems in your own projects.

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I'm a graduate student in Media and Communication Technology in a Belgian college. My main interests are backend programming or Windows App Development. Still with me? Well to find more about me, check out my 'About' page!

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Wanna get down straight to business? Perfect! That's how I like it too. I specially made you a page for my Curriculum Vitae. Take a look at my skills/talents/interests and hopefully I'm exactly the person you're looking for!

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Are you trying to reach out to me? Click here to get my contact information! Or maybe you just want my social media profiles, well you're in the right spot here too!

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I consider myself a member of the Open Source community, so I try to make most of my projects publicly available. I host all my Open Source projects on Github, so if you want to see my coding style and such, feel free to check it out!

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During my final year at Howest University/College I had the honor to do my internship at Televic Education. If you're interested about what I did, definitely click the button below!

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